ZANABONI_EDIZIONI saw its debut at the Salone del Mobile 2019 against the background of one of the most innovative penthouse interiors, where suspended geometrics and shadow effects punctuate open-plan spaces. Relaxing living areas with modular sofas, cozy dining rooms and intimate bedrooms featuring unique pieces, small furnishings of various sizes and materials with which to create  spaces, were adapted to meet the need and modeled to fit a new lifestyles.


In recent years, the concept of ‘home’ has undergone a complete evolution, dictated by new lifestyles and young people who play in the international network at top speed. The latest must-have is flexibility. ZANABONI_EDIZIONI offers just that with its new models that are customizable, innovative and always original. Comfortable, bold seating for a social style, dual purpose outdoor-indoor models contaminating new spaces in which to relax after hectic days, sculpture lamps to create exclusive home galleries.

History X Future

According to Zanaboni, the new approach stems from the need to combine and reinterpret classic and modern styles with an innovative approach that respects history and tradition. A different perspective in a changing world is proposing the art of living through furniture and small furnishings in which design, style, materials, new production techniques and tailoring follow new aesthetic codes. Nature features heavily in the collection with natural elements and plant fibers such as rattan and wicker which become the finest braids and weaves for chairs and small furnishings of great expressive impact. The Home opens up from the indoors to the outdoors establishing a dialogue in a single space an identity that we can transform as needed moving our furniture around.