Montreal, Canada

Maison Atelier

The yh2 architecture studio recently presented its new Maison Atelier, built in the backyard of the firm’s Maison Tour, built in 2000.


Over the last 20 years, the architectural firm has transformed this typical Montreal lot twice:

First, with the creation of the Maison Tour, a home/studio combination organised around an inner courtyard bracketed by a three-story vertical house and a workshop in a former garage at the back of the yard.

Second, with the creation, based on the existing building at the back of the yard, of a second three-story home, the Maison Atelier yh2, independent of the original Maison Tour.


The new Maison Atelier, completed in 2018, includes the yh2 offices on the ground floor and a new dwelling on the upper floors. A lightweight structure on the second level links the two buildings, to comply with municipal by-laws prohibiting two detached buildings on a single lot. This aerial volume, made of patinated steel and glass, gives each house an extra room above the garden, without reducing the size of the courtyard.

The corresponding living spaces in each house are on different levels, giving both residences maximum privacy. On the roof, two patios are accessible from the penthouse, complementing the interior spaces and providing high-quality outdoor space, at once private and open to the city.


All built-in furnishings were custom-designed for the project: tables, bookcases, office storage, and furniture for the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and rooftop patio. Collectively these furnishing are an integral part of the architectural whole, and use the same materials as the rest of the project: steel – patinated, raw, white, perforated and stainless – mahogany and white marble.

These are both spacious single-family homes with the privacy families demand, and a group of dwellings providing the high density needed to meet 21st-century urban needs.                                  

Photos: Maxime Brouillet and Francis Pelletier