London design studio Made Thought has teamed up with environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet to design the world’s first Plastic Free Aisle and Plastic Free Mark.

The studio has developed a beautifully simple yet bold icon and identity to bring much needed clarity and focus to a growing issue that still remains misunderstood by many. The aisle was launched last February in an Amsterdam branch of the progressive Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza. More than 700 plastic-free products will be included in the pilot.

The Plastic Free Mark

Goods within the aisle will all bear the Plastic Free mark, a new visually arresting symbol designed by Made Thought to help shoppers quickly identify products that are completely free from plastic packaging.
The Plastic Free Mark will become increasingly important to savvy shoppers as more items become packaged in natural bio-materials which more closely replicate the look, feel and strength of plastic while composting completely. Made Thought worked closely with A Plastic Planet to make the campaign group’s Plastic Free Aisle vision a reality, providing an iconic visual identity that can be replicated in supermarkets across the world.

Packaging Free Designs

As part of their brief Made Thought were told that the Plastic Free Aisle must not lose either convenience and must be visually arresting or consumers will not buy into it. The world’s first Plastic Free Aisle is very different to shops that have tried to cut waste by going packaging free.


Made Thought has also designed a launch campaign with a bold ‘propaganda’ aesthetic in a bid to prompt new conversations about our relationship with plastic. Made Thought Founding Partner Ben Parker said: “In taking on this challenging brief, we wanted to look beyond the overused lines about environmentalism and altruism. The brief was all about fashioning a new way of looking at plastic and its place in modern life. It was about realising an inspiring vision of the future that transcends the limited modes of thought that have gone before.”

“Design can never be truly progressive unless it changes behaviour. Plastic Free Aisles offer a vision of the future that consumers can get on board with. They demonstrate that going plastic-free does not mean forsaking choice, convenience or quality. Instead, going plastic-free enhances all those things.”

“The world’s first Plastic Free Aisle and Plastic Free Mark are the embodiment of design that changes behaviour for the good of the planet we will leave to generations to come.”

About Made Thought

Founded in 2000 by Ben Parker and Paul Austin, Made Thought creates brands that are desirable and elevated.
Made Thought’s clients range from iconic luxury and lifestyle brands to major cultural and art institutions. Its clients include adidas; Charlotte Tilbury; Stella McCartney; Design Miami; MoMA; Hunter; & Other Stories; and Tom Dixon. Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet, said:

“Made Thought are one of London’s leading forces for progressive design.

“Helping to create brands that are desirable and elevated, Made Thought were the perfect fit for us. In leading the design of the world’s first Plastic Free Aisle, Made Thought has created an iconic visual identity that can be replicated in supermarkets across the world as more stores back the initiative.”