A new high tech cruise ship lands in the Caribbean Sea: it is the Quantum of the Sea of the Royal Carribean.
 One of the restaurants of this Queen of the seas, the Wonderland, carries the signature of La Murrina.

In this crop area, that has only 62 seats, exclusive culinary experience will be lighted by a magnificent chandelier, exclusive work of La Murrina.

Technological development, attention to detail and passion, these are the characteristics of this very special environment that offers a journey into the world of the imagination of Wonderland.

The chandelier “Wonderland”, has huge dimensions (2204mm x 4262mm) and consists of about 500 fiberglass elements of different shapes: flower open, corolla bell-shaped, and heart and key. Two projectors emanate light of different colors to create the effect of a starry sky, while a third projector illuminates the elements of the composition.The system is controlled via Digital MultipleX offering to passengers spectacular games of light.

The chandelier Wonderland is a challenge won by La Murrina and his team of engineers and the first project of its kind made at the company’s headquarters in Turate.