White Square

White Square is located at the central area of Nanjing airport city. With the construction development of new airport city, a vast comparative maturity residential area has been built. Noise and construction dust from building sites had bad effects on the original inhabitants. In this context, Minggu Design was to plan a project with a public park and with functions of exhibition, work, etc.

Box the box

The building is a combination of a box with boxes inside. By controlling the height and the colors of boxes the diversity and tension of the spaces are indicated. The design of high ceilings above the exhibition area was an extension of the function and the symbol of spirit.

The bottom of the big box corresponds with the crossroad and expresses the modesty and self-discipline of the building. The entrance is embedded in the building with the material and color variations, not eye-catching but distinct.


Furniture, furnishings and building interact with each other. People can enjoy the views of yards from different locations in the building. Apart from the exhibition area, people’s active area was assembled in the south of the building. Sunlight streams in through large glasses and the lawn terrace outside is an extension of the building. It provides the uninhibited communication environment, art activity and small exhibition space.

To combine the topic of the airport, White Square used white as main tone to symbolize the clouds. With simple and lightsome construction expressions, u-morpha glass embedded the texture wall, high purity color on the white building elevation it expresses the specific attitude. At night, the light shining from the building, let it look like a crystal lighthouse. The blue window on the top of the building symbolizes the eye people look up into the sky.