Schaap & Citroen Jewellers opened a ‘Vintage Watches’ boutique in November 2018 at the 5-star Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam. With this boutique the company adds, next to the Schaap and Citroen Diamonds Boutique, an entirely new concept to its portfolio. The boutique is located in the so-called Van Baerle Shopping Gallery in the Conservatorium hotel.

SolidNature has created, in very close cooperation with Rob Feenstra, Fendi Casa, Bentley Home and Schaap & Citroen, some beautiful and outstanding elements from natural stone for this store.

The combination of all those brands created a high-end result reflecting the high standards of Schaap & Citroen.

Exterior of the Vintage Watches Boutique

Entering the concept shop a big wall is cladded with the ‘Reptilo Quartzite’ from SolidNature. The wall has a height of 5 meters by 1.90 and is made out of just 3 pieces of stone bookmatched which creates a breath-taking experience. In front of the wall the cabins of the coffee machines are fully cladded with light weight ‘Reptilo Quartzite’, again from all sides book matched to make it look and feel like a solid piece.

In front of the shop window ‘Glacial Green Onyx’ showcases are displayed with light in it.   The vintage watches of Schaap & Citroen are displayed in ‘Tenebris Radius Marble’ boxes. All in all, the green color comes back in all the natural stones used in the project. 

“This is a unique concept store where the best of all worlds come together. The combination of the vintage watches, the outstanding furniture of Fendi and Bentley, the high finishing of the stones which are brought perfectly together by Rob Feenstra. They the luxury world we were aiming for,” comments David Mahyari, CEO of Solid Nature.

Interior by Fendi Casa, Rob Feenstra, Bentley Home, and SolidNature

Schaap & Citroen has been active for more than 130 years as an authorized sales address for many leading Swiss watch brands. The knowledge of mechanical movements, sensational complications and special models covers the entire spectrum of watches. With this knowledge and the increasing demand for second-hand watches, it is a great time to open a Vintage Watches boutique.