Build with innovative materials and in partnership with HI-MACS® LOG Architectes had created a building containing offices, housing and shops in its local urban Parisian environment. To adorn the interior of the villa’s foyer and two-story flat, the MACS® acrylic stone was chosen.

The initial challenge for the team of architects was to determine how to handle angles whilst connecting the street façade to the end wall, which will likewise appear as a façade. The aim of the project was to smoothly incorporate this new residential block into the urban setting and involved substantial advance planning concerning the definition of a simple footprint. Spacing between openings and the choice of materials were also involved with the project.

Space management, architectural choices and the selection of finishing colours were all planned to provide logical continuity between the shops and the housing blocks. To that end, the size of the Villa Des Sciences aligns with the scale along its street.

Different sizes of openings echoes the classical vertically of windows in working-class buildings were the gradual succession of the project. Nevertheless, It also contrasts with the geometry of the window strips in the building of Rue Pasteur. The bays were designed on the basis of this notion; help you to give the lounge a larger feel.