The French design house, Veronese, has brought its 88 years of experience with Murano glass and 20 years of contemporary design expertise, to its new headquarters in the Arts-et-Métiers neighbourhood of Paris. The new Maison will mark a new page in the history of the brand and become a part of its DNA, both precious and contemporary.

The new headquarters has brought together a showroom, atelier, design room and management offices in a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Within this new urban oasis, Veronese will focus on sharing novel design experiences, starting with a rotating roster of exhibitions toshowcase their creative collaborations with international talents.


The new headquarters was designed by AW2,  based in Paris. Long-time collaborator with Veronese, Reda Amalou, partner and architect at W2, led the project. The showroom is a spacious, luminous loft hosting current notions of home living. Veronese wanted to create an inviting and functional home environment that would entice, comfort, and inspire guests to be a part of the House’s new creative experiences. Reda transformed the erstwhile space by mixing its original rustic herring bone wood floors with elegant softly gouged black wood walls. The textured black walls are counter-balancedby the natural light that floods the room through the showroom’s colonnade of floor-to-ceiling windows.  Veronese chose to make the kitchen an essential part of the interior design.

“Where I come from,” explains Ruben Jochimek, the creative director of Veronese,

“everything happens in the kitchen. And, I wanted to bring that experience to Veronese and everyone we welcome.

I’ve learned through the years that, by creating opportunities to enjoy engaging experiences, we were able to nurture long-term relationships that make up the foundation of our success. And, that is what we want to continue to explore with this new and open space.”

Murano Glass

The contemporary approach to Murano glass, as pursued by Veronese, attracted the attention of designer Luca Nichetto, a native of the Venetian island of Murano and he chose to collaborate with the Parisian Maison to lead this old-world craft into the future. In the coming months, Nichetto and Veronese will unveil a new collection and in 2020, new designs by Samuel Accocebery, Isabelle Stanislas, and Dan Yeffet.

At the height of the Art Deco period, Veronese was founded in 1931 by Marcel Barbier, who had a penchant for Murano glass. Working with the best artisans of the Venetian Lagoon, he then fabricated objets d’art in Paris that showcased their extraordinary artisanship. To cater to French taste, he collaborated with renowned architects such as André Arbus.


In 2009 the House of Veronese in 2009, was purchased by Fredie Jochimek, a craftsman and entrepreneur, who collaborated with numerous fashion designers to create high-end leather fashion for luxury brands such as The House of Montana, Guy Laroche, Hermes, Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Fredie, Ruben and Jonathan Jochimek and Donna Karan.