For the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (26 May – 25 November 2018), ALPI has been selected as one of the producers of the first Pavilion of the Holy See, Vatican Chapels, at Fondazione Cini on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.


In the context of this project ALPI has built the Asplund Pavilion by the architects Francesco Magnani and Traudy Pelzel, conceived as the introduction to the Pavilion of the Holy See.

Vatican Chapels,curated by Francesco Dal Co, unfolds in an exhibition itinerary through eleven works of architecturecreated by eleven architecture firms, starting with the model of the Woodland Chapel designed in 1920 by the famous architect Gunnar Asplundin the Woodland Cemetery of Stockholm, prompting reflections on the chapel typology, which the Swedish architect defined as

“a place of orientation, encounter, meditation and salutation.”

The Asplund Pavilion produced by ALPI embodies the essence of the project in the architecture of the building itself, based on the vocabulary of traditional Scandinavian wooden constructions – “stave  churches” – and containing an exhibition of original drawings by Gunnar Asplund for the Woodland Chapel.