Urban Infill Lofts Project

Chybik + Kristof, Architects and Urban Designers, completed a five-story Urban Infill Lofts Project as part of a revitalisation project of Brno’s post-industrial district. The building is adorned with a site-specific lighting installation and offers views of the city’s key landmarks.


The five-story building comprises of 14 modern residential lofts and commercial spaces, offering panoramic views of the city. The architect’s urban design maximised the potential of the limited area, amplifying the plot through an irregular polygon floor plan and a geometric sculptural staircase. A commissioned site-specific light installation by artist Petr Dub adorns the building’s exterior. The neon light installation crowning the top floor mimics the verticality of the building’s physique. “The Riders on the Storm,” inspired by the Doors song.


The Urban Infill Lofts are located in a former industrial district, which is currently undergoing a large transformation. “In a complex urban structure, in fills are a pragmatic solution for sustainable urban change. Promising existing plots and infrastructures need to be revisited and redesigned,” according to the architects.

With its location near the city center, the building will provide benefits of urban living to its inhabitants, becoming a landmark of the area.


CHYBIK + KRISTOF is an architecture and urban design studio whose expertise lies in balancing conceptual thinking and strategic approach. The architecture firm was founded in 201o and has offices in Prague, Brno and Bratislava and operates with 50 + multidisciplinary international team members. The firm’s past projects are closely aligned with dynamism and are heavily influenced by the architectural legacy of Central Europe.   

photos: Alexandra Timpau – Boys Play Nice