The tradition of the Swiss manufacture de Sede extends from their roots as master saddlers, to the production of iconic items of furniture, and on to the greatest challenge they have ever taken up: building the perfect bed – with a unique mattress made of the purest, sustainable materials and individually combined for each customer.

De Sede’s traditional craftsmanship fitted seamless for this task: with passion, competence, the highest standards of quality and the innovation they practice every day, with their tailor-made mattress system, they created another handmade, one-off piece tolast an eternity. A carefully selected blend of silk, horsetail hair, four different types of wool and cotton makes this mattress a dream.

Customised Art of Dreaming

The art of producing beds at de Sede is based on the familiar tradition of craftsmanship. They customize the mattress to the client’s body. Carefully combining the selected materials, the custom-made mattress system promotes well-being, ensures natural comfort and, thanks to the individual composition, makes the bed a unique specimen that fits perfectly to each and every client.

The de Sede mattress tailored to the individual body and sleeping habits can be used in the new de Sede box spring bed design, in additional bed models by de Sede, or in beds by other manufacturers. What is new is its asymmetrical construction tailored to individual needs, which not only makes it unnecessary to turn the mattress over, but also allows optimum sleeping comfort with seven horizontal and four vertical comfort zones.

In its design, the meticulous composition of the mattress, which has been tailored to specific requirements, reflects the world-renowned language of design and the craftsmanship of the brand. The mattress is bordered in handcrafted, high quality de Sede leather. Filigree air outlets in the form of the brand logo provide ventilation.

The beds are yet another milestone by de Sede.

DS-5050 by de Sede

DS5050 Pouf with Table at IMM Cologne 2019 – Design by Kai Stana

Also new for 2019 is the DS-5050 designed by Kai Stania. The pouf DS-5050 comes as a surprise! Its avant-garde design disguises a particularly practical feature: DS-5050 can grow continuously in height, by up to 11.5 cm, by means of a fine leather strap and can be adapted to individual.

The impressive design is based on a leather bellows. With the de Sede DNA in mind, the designer Kai Stania sought to show as much leather as possible. At the same time, he wanted to conceal the height-adjustment feature in the best way possible. The DS-5050 is available optionally as a table, too, with an elegant tabletop incorporated in place of the soft seating surface.

DS5050 Pouf with Table – Design by Kai Stana