An evocative installation by designer Alessandro La Spada had been set up in the exhibition space of the Venetian company La Murrina at Euroluce 2015. Some newly released creations have found their perfect setting in a rarefied atmosphere inspired by the City of the Doges: Venice as you have never seen it before pays a tribute to the craftsmanship of the new collections in Murano glass, stemming from some important artistic collaborations.
Gothic windows and typical oak mooring posts are called on to valorise the products on display, which make an imaginative return to their original place of origin to recall its uniqueness and splendour.

In the heart of the Venetian lagoon, there is a corner of paradise that guards a treasure of priceless value, an art dating back to the distant XI century. Emerging from the flames of the kilns, a particular craft recalls a tradition that continues, unaltered down through the centuries. That of the master glass makers who shape delicate works of art, each of which is absolutely unique.
In the wake of this recollection, a story unfolds regarding one of these kilns which, despite changing trends, styles and design precepts, founded its activity in 1968 based on the ancient techniques of glass blowing. Just a few years later, in 1974, when the firm was acquired by a Milanese family, the business started to specialize in a particular market segment: that of lighting fixtures. This was the start of La Murrina.
When the past merges with contemporary lifestyles, when craftsmanship encounters design: La Murrina invites the signatures of international design to contribute to the worldwide promotion of this fascinating art entirely Made in Murano.