The Lobby

Curved shapes, bold colors and luxurious textures, the combination of these elements created the experience and style of The Lobby by the Dutch interior designer Roelfien Vos . She created the project for the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam.


Her design concept was inspired by the roaring twenties. A period in the 1920s where culture, music, travelling and dining roared after years of depression and war. Popular style movements such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau had an impact on decorative and applied arts, architecture, industrial, graphic and interior design, as well as visual art and fashion.

“My story for The Lobby showed a sophisticated environment that evoked emotion and warmth.

100 Years after the 1920’s, leisure has become more accessible and gained an important factor in peoples’ daily lives. More importantly; people are looking for that memorable experience in hospitality,” according to Roelfien Vos.

The Lobby to The Suite

Showcasing diverse materials, unique textures and an outspoken color schemes, The Lobby invited guests to take a moment to unwind and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. The dark wooden fish scale patterned floor and the bright green marble bar underlined a world of tailor-made interiors surrounded by velvets and leathers. ‘The Suite’ was created as the VIP area within The Lobby hosting private events and individual talks. It was Roelfien’s philosophy that guests could perceive the beauty and balance of the three interior components. For the event she partnered up with Buildings Vloeren, Wittmann, Artwall Collection, the Dutch Walltextile Company and Pulpo.