A return on architectural investment

The house was originally designed in 1952 by Perry Johanson of NBBJ and had periods of vacancy and disrepair. The strong midcentury bones were there in the exposed car decking ceilings, heavy timber beams and the well-proportioned east-facing facade.

The client, a successful young entrepreneur ,founder of businesses, socially conscious, young and active, bought the house convinced that architecturally significant homes are more valuable.  On a personal level, a home that reflects and enriches a client’s life adds value daily.  A midcentury modern enthusiast he appreciated the authenticity of the house.

Rerucha Studio

But not after Rerucha Studio (architecture and interior design) had redone the house for along-time client who was selling the home. They had labored over this project for years with multiple phases.  But, upon inspection, the real estate agent said the home was too masculine, too small and needed to be staged with “softer” touches.  The architect held his ground, wondering quietly: will modern steel sell?

They stripped down the interior and exterior, carefully keeping the integral mid-century features. Small rooms were removed and spaces opened to flow together. Modern appointments–an outdoor conversation pit, steel sunshades, custom steel front door, completed the design.  Without expanding the footprint of the house, it was transformed from modest to impactful. And now it was for sale.

Cole Morgan woke up every morning for a year and searched the multiple listings looking for a special modern home that complimented his life. Disappointed, he had commissioned a well-known Seattle architect to build his dream home.  Then he saw the listing for the Starlings Nest; drove by and made an offer the next morning. The refined materials, modern details, spatial composition and care that went into the design of the home, spoke to him.  And the homes’ value was reaffirmed.

©Rerucha Studio (architecture and interior design)
©Caspers Built (contractor)
©Benjamin Benschneider (photography)