Shape of Light

The “shape of light” is the core of the project by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti for the Italian FontanaArte that, started with the Equatore family of lamps presented in 2017 and then enriched by more finishes, continues now with the new Meridiano and Tropico.


It is all about the shapes of glass and metal that collect, contain and diffuse light into space. Passing through opaline, colored and transparent layers, the Meridiano lamp is emphasized by the refined curves and the magic of blown glass, the lighting creating surprising and fascinating effects, designs and atmospheres.


Just like the line that in geography indicates an imaginary arch connecting the North Pole with the South Pole, the new lamp by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti is marked by brightness and warmth of extraordinary intensity and diffusion.


The miniaturization of the light source, characteristic of LED technology, is no longer a volumetric object but a point, a line and a surface. The light becomes free to fill the shapes that thus become abstract and iconic. In the new Meridiano lamp, the vertical cylindrical tube contains and diffuses the light in the transparent glass capsule, which defines its refined ovoid shape.