At the 2017 Maison & Objet, Ritz Paris and Luxury Living Group introduced officially the Ritz Paris Home Collection in the French capital. A line of furnishings and accessories that – interpretable in a metamorphic and dynamic way – sketches out the unique and sophisticated lifestyle that has made, and continues to make, the Ritz Paris an epicenter of elegance, “the only beauty that never wanes”, said Audrey Hepburn, a great friend of Ritz Paris.
The design concept sprang from a meeting between Ritz Paris and the visionary intuition of Alberto Vignatelli, CEO and Chairman of Luxury Living Group: “Ritz Paris is much more than a hotel, it’s an atmosphere, an art de vivre that allows itself the luxury of a timeless elegance, creativity, and eclecticism. Since the beginning it has been an icon of modernity and it has never followed the trends.
It is this alchemy that makes it a unique, legendary place. Today, Luxury Living Group keeps this vision alive, bringing back its splendor in a contemporary dimension. César Ritz “I am proud to see my name blended with this small house”. We are, too.”