The Pakhuis

The Pakhuis is located in the Belgium city of Antwerp. According to the building application from 1868 it is built for M. August Michiels (Antwerp, 1822-Antwerp, 1884). The building was raised during the construction in 1869 with a third floor. Michiels was the owner of a steam rice mill and a municipal councillor from 1876.


Since 1997 it has been owned by Hans Lensvelt who has recently transformed it into a modern loft with the latest design works of famous designers. The building, with a facade width of five bays, comprises three floors under three parallel saddle roofs. The façade is made of red brick masonry with bluestone.

The interior was originally characterized by a wooden floor structure completely detached from the walls. It has recently been transformed by Diederik Fokkema into a design space for private events with an interior powered by Lensvelt and Canoof.

Hans Lensvelt: “In the nineties I was looking for an old warehouse here in Antwerp. Visited about 20 warehouses until I fell in love with this one. It was love at first side. An big unaffected warehouse with huge floors and view on the harbor. It was so inspiring. Although it was a rough neighborhood at that tine, I bought it and so it happened. At that time I had just done the interior of the city hall of The Hague, a project by the American architect Richard Meier. A young kid worked there who I thought was talented: Diederik Fokkema who had just started his own agency. He made the plans for the warehouse and made it into a modern spacious loft.”

Photos: Jan Willem Kaldenbach