Loving the outdoor world, Dedon now brings the charm of the interior onto the open air with new designs and ideas. First launched at the Salone del Mobile in 2012, the DALA collection by designer Stephen Burks drew widespread attention for it’s unique design and revolutionary new environmentally friendly fiber. Possibly the first collection of woven furniture ever to unify surface and structure, DALA begins with a colorfully powder-coated frame of expanded aluminum mesh.

Through the geometric grid of the mesh, DEDON’s master weavers thread the strands of a revolutionary new ecological fiber. Years in development, the fiber, created from recycled food-and-drink packaging mixed with recyclable polyethylene, is yet another industry first from DEDON. Lightweight, portable and very laid back, with comfortable cushions supported by high-tech Batyline fabric, the pieces in DALA sit directly on the ground and are easily moved around the patio or carried down the steps to the beach.

The DALA collection consists of a lounge chair, a footstool and a stool – the latter double as side table as well as a regular side table. Available in three joyful color ways – Stone, Fire and Grass – they feature a pattern of stripes of various thicknesses. The recycled food-and-drink packaging gives DALA’s fiber a distinctive luster and a rich, almost leather-like texture that’s a pleasure to touch.

DALA, notes Burks, means “to make” in one of the dialects he encountered during a project with artisans around the world.