“All invisible things adhere to the visible, the audible to the inaudible, the tactile to the nontactile. And perhaps the thinkable to the unthinkable.” – Novalis (17721801)

If you want to position the artist Adalbert Gans in an art movement than it would be abstract art. Nevertheless the art industry isn’t his home. He’s a cosmopolitan.The spirit within his art is sought and recognized in the grotesque human behavior. Constantly searching for: life, experiences, people, love, stimuli, and even miracles.Whatever it is that moves him, between the eagerness of discovery and a restless escapism, Gans holds an unlimited spiritualism and love for life.

Every painting, or light-object is a glimpse of the insight of himself in which he does not avoid the/his imperfection. Every work he makes emerges from a roaring, burning passion of creating and existing. He shows everything and nothing. He paints and builds a flood of energy which triggers “a nervous concussion that is felt in the cerebellum” – and this, according to Baudelaire, is the quality of all “sublime thoughts.”

His work transmits a poetic essence and a deep vitality. Colours, geometrical forms and light are the tools with which he’s working, transforming sensation into objects, drawings and paintings. Adalbert uses light as an additional colour that lifts the others to adifferent level. The game between dimensions, sharp outlines, shapes and abstract organic colour-use create a sense freedom and space, which leads the spectator into Adalberts’ no-mansland.

The light sculptures seen in the photos have a height of 200 and 300 cm. It is possible to customize the height and width according to location. These sculptures are made out of plastic and inspired by the Murano glasses which are handmade in Venice.

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