“When we see a stone, we see a frozen snapshot of life over 400 million years ago, to its present day. We see its unique character. We see the veins pumping. We see infinite possibilities. This is how we inspire architects and designers: to see the beauty and to use natural stone in new ways.”

– SolidNature’s David and Danial Mahyari.

SolidNature was founded by Danial Mahyari in the Netherlands in 2011. Since then, it has rapidly grown into a unique internationally renowned boutique stone supplier exploring the endless possibilities of natural stones. Danial´s brother, David, is the current CEO of the group. He too is passionate about sourcing the finest, bespoke art stones available globally.

Together they have set new standards in craftsmanship, design, innovation and construction. All in a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Their approach to each and every project is simple: Let’s assume that everything is possible. They are like dream-makers, using ingenious craftsmanship to realize, and indeed, exceed their client’s dreams.

“In our vision the uniqueness of every single slab of natural stone, is every time overwhelming. It is a completeness of beauty, created by nature, offering itself to the world to be used and placed on new grounds,” Says Danial Mahyari.

“Standing in a quarry and seeing how the stones are mined, following them through each step of the supply chain till they find their final, new destination for them is a mind blowing route. Nature that comes to life and starts living a new life, ready for a new destination,” adds David.

The company has offices and showrooms in London, the Middle East and their Headquarters in The Netherlands. It is an one-shop operation: from the quarry to the design and production, installing and maintenance services. 

Their collection consists of over 600 exquisite, natural stones. These include the semi-precious stones Onyx, marble and travertine. Each is carefully sourced and prepared for use in the world’s most prestigious public and private locations.