Techniques of Design

Marta Sala Éditions and Fromental presented during Paris Deco Off, January 2020, the installation “Techniques of Design”, hosted in Marta Sala’s private Parisian apartment. Displayed across four rooms of the apartment were Marta Sala Éditions furniture and lighting and Fromental’s custom made wall coverings, each design demonstrating different artisanal techniques.

The presentation made the process behind the designs and the craftsmanship of using traditional skills and modern technology visible..


This inspiring collaboration was initially formed through an introduction made by the designer Eric Egan who commissioned the Marta Sala Éditions furniture and Fromental wall coverings for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Lake Como, which opened May 2019.

With a family history steeped in architecture and design Marta Sala founded Marta Sala Éditions in 2015. Éditions means producing collections, searching for and producing projects, styles, not just juxtaposed pieces but products that don’t exist on the market but that deserve to be there due to their intrinsic and consistent value.

For MSÉ’s first collection, Marta collaborated with Lazzarini & Pickering, a duo of architects based in Rome and has since released several collections.

Fromental is an award-winning, hand-painted and hand-embroidered wall coverings atelier. Designed in London and brought to life by skilled artisans in China, Fromental brings an inspirational design edge to traditional decorative arts, creating modern, yet timeless wall coverings.