An actual boating atelier, throughout the years Sanlorenzo has introduced a new way of conceiving  boating design, developing a groundbreaking model over the years, acclaimed by people worldwide, which has allowed it to earn many important achievements. 

The Metal Superyacht

As a result, 52Steel SEVEN SINS, the first 52-metre metal superyacht, was honoured at the 14th edition of Asia Boating Awards, set up every year by such renowned Asian magazines as China Boating and Asia-Pacific Boating, which honour the best brands in the field of international boating. The ceremony took place on 11 April at the stylish ONE 15° Marina in Singapore.


Selected by a panel of expert judges, 52 steel received the award for “Best Yacht Design Innovation”, thanks to the revolutionary design of its stern: with a totally innovative solution, a swimming pool with a transparent bottom placed on the main deck lets light through to the underlying area, an exclusive beach area resulting from the doors opening on three sides, which become sea-level platforms. The same area quickly turns into a floodable garage that contains the ship owner’s tender: the beach floor lifts up so that tenders up to 8 metres can be accommodated.

Sanlorenzo Superyacht

Sanlorenzo Superyacht, which creates metal yachts from 40 to 80 metres, has increased its production volumes significantly: 21 superyachts have in fact been built so far and 15 are currently being built at the imposing, over 50.000 sq.m. production site that was recently acquired in La Spezia and which focuses entirely on developing superyachts.