The selections to take part in SUPER STUDIO GROUP’s new project are now open!

2015: The Temporary Museum for New Design becomes part of a more extended project. It is SUPERDESIGN, the new high quality format that aims for research, for every day’s extra-ordinary, for freedom of choice, for contaminations between classic and avant-garde, between industry and handcraft, between tradition and future, between simplicity and magnificence.

Big international names but also young designers from all over the world, theme projects, museum-like installations, start-ups, self-design, solo and collective exhibitions, national pavilions and experimental laboratories, contests and proposals for life-style, technology and automotive, textile and food-design, tailor made projects and all trends of living and inhabiting may take part in the selections.

Only one direction, a common contemporary style, integrated communication. A small “open mind” Expo that values national and brand identities, Italian excellence, innovation, looking “beyond”.

This year’s theme is “open your mind”, an invitation to lay down any prejudices and static formulas and prepare for a no-limit design, welcoming all challenges and all suggestions, with no preclusions. The exhibitors have been carefully selected to guarantee, as always, high quality.

SUPERSTUDIO PIÙ and at SUPERSTUDIO 13 , Milan, 14-19 April 2015