Intelligent light. Creative diversity.


The German creator of light and light fixtures serien. lighting presented new designs like the APP a formally reduced LED cube,  and much more than just an energy-efficient light source.

With its double-layered front surface giving rise to optical depth and a sculptural quality APP offers users immense creative scope. With a sweeping gesture CENTRAL Floor leans into the space, immersing it in its warm light. There is no sensationalism at play, and every detail is carefully thought through. For instance the mechanism in the striking arm, which can be adjusted in terms of both height and for different functions also in reach.

The new CURLING luminaire range combines the sustainability of the latest LED technology with a classically elegant design. Thanks to its sophisticated design details CURLING doubles up as a downlight and ceiling luminaire and is equally suited for public spaces and private interiors. In January, the new luminaire line won the “Iconic Award 2016 Interior Innovation” in the “best of best” category.

With its radically reduced design and exclusive features, the SML line has established itself as one of the serien trademark ranges. SML LED, the most recent addition to this successful product family, now joins the modular lighting system in its second generation as SML2. With its height of just 25 mm SML2 can be modularly combined with the SML halogen and fluorescent versions.