Sculptural Garden

‘Stilled Life’ is a poetic immersive experience, a sculptural garden, in which the sound of silence and the beauty of a fleeting moment are captured. The artistic spatial composition offered visitors moments of reflection and visual wonder in a sanctuary of water amid the hectic pace and abundance of Dutch Design Week. The solo exhibition by Rive Roshan was presented by Galerie KRL in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

“Stilled Life captures a still moment. Our pieces are created to freeze moments that are full of movement, such as ripples in the water or in the sand, the reflection of the light on the water, and sand blown away by the wind; all elements of nature that fascinate and amaze us”- according to Rive Roshan.


‘Stilled Live’ brought the serenity and beauty of water, glass and sand together in an immersive, sensorial experience, a modern sculpture garden, in which the visitor is allured by a fragrance inviting them to walk through, take time to experience and enjoy a moment of reflection. This is how Rive Roshan wanted to connect people with each other and with nature.


The theme organically connects with the earlier work of Rive Roshan where they experimented with glass and textiles, played with the beauty of reflection, light and shadow. For Stilled Life the studio worked with various experts. To name a few, Sandhelden asked them to experiment with their 3D printed sand techniques which resulted in sculptural objects like tables, a chair, a floor standing mirror and vessels with different patterns of ripples, inspired by, among other things, movements in nature and innovative fashion creations capturing complex geometries in movement.