ONEONE by Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts won the Artistic Blessing Award! This award was received during the Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes festival at the Hong Kong Harbor!


Niio, the world’s leading platform for premium, digital format artworks, transformed two of Hong Kong’s largest screens into digital, public art installations. The facades of the prominent Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui Centre (76m x 39m) and Empire Centre (35m x 39m) were showcasing the  winning submissions of the Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes. This competition was open to emerging digital artists who were invited to submit artworks in the themes of Artistic Blessing and New Life. The competition was held in collaboration with Sino Group, the Hong Kong-based property developer.

“We live in a fast paced, commercially noisy world with countless screens across our urban environments, and no more so than in major cities like Hong Kong”, said Rob Anders, Co-Founder & CEO of Niio. “In trying to reach and inspire people everywhere through memorable and meaningful ‘Digital Art experiences’, we are thrilled to partner with Sino Group for the Illumination Art Prize. It is these types of public art interventions that are driving an entirely new visual culture.”

The positive alternative

The Illumination Art Prize competition is part of Niio’s drive to inspire people around the world, making it easy to experience curated digital art across living, working and public spaces. In doing so, they are connecting large developers and businesses with their communities, supporting artists everywhere and providing them with a platform to present their art creations across urban environments. Niio is creating a positive alternative to the digital advertising noise of modern cities.



With the music being the heartbeat of the piece – the creative process began with the aural. These sonic oscillations and rhythms became the foundation for the choreographic and visual design elements. OneOne creates a sense of an ancient culture, an archetype being unearthed through real-world experience that is timeless and contemporary. Physics defines everything in existence as either matter or energy, matter being the tangible part and energy being the intangible part that ‘moves’ matter. Einstein once said that matter can be changed into energy and vice versa. The process of shifting energy to matter, and matter to energy is expressed in OneOne.

OneOne is Daniel Belton’s acclaimed trans-media work for Good Company Arts (Aotearoa, New Zealand) engaging renowned artists Janessa Dufty, Nigel Jenkins, Jac Grenfell, Donnine Harrison, Peter Belton, Simon Kaan and Dr Richard Nunns. It is an elegy for the planet.


ONEONE GCA SINO x NIIO ILLUMINATION ART PRIZE Winner (Silent Film for Dual Facades) from Daniel Belton and Good Company on Vimeo.