Casa D’Arte – Sicis Home Gallery

Sicis, the Italian glass mosaic specialist, has opened its ‘Casa D’Arte – Sicis Home Gallery’ in the city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is a dwelling on three levels, with a cozy atmosphere where the Italian Company puts her mission into practice by creating unique and inimitable environments: a combination of traditional aesthetics from the local culture and the principles of western design.

Sicis Only

In Ho Chi Minh City, the company likes to show their ability to interpret interior architecture through products made entirely by the Sicis Factory: from furnishings to product design, to coating materials, such as Vetrite and artistic mosaic.

They use fabrics, mosaics, Vetrite, wood, steel and many others materials, to obtain the required transparency, translucency, opacity or even tactility and brightness. There is no separation between form, materials and color. Everything appears to be harmoniously designed to offer perspectives of interiors, without preconceptions and restrictions. It presents a visionary decorative style without being futile, with essential attention to functionality. Culture and beauty merge and enter the homes and rituals of everyday life.