The design of superyacht interiors is a métier for specialists. Bannenberg/Rowell Design of London are such specialists. They designed the interiors of the Lady Petra, the super yacht of Petra and Frans Heesen, of Heesen Yachts from the Netherlands.

“In 2009, at the Fort Lauderdale show, Frans made a big impression on us when he gave easily the most human, amusing and interesting speech at the ISS awards evening. He talked about the process of designing his own yacht and the pivotal role played by Petra. At that stage, we had no idea that he was considering a new project. Both Frans and Petra spent some time on our two 60m projects at the show; Bacarella from Trinity and Elandess from Abeking & Rasmussen. It was only when we were contacted a few months later by Fabio Ermetto, Sales & Marketing Director at Heesen, that we learnt that they were about to embark on a new project and were keen to work with us. Fabio explained that Frans and Petra were looking to do something striking for their whole family to use and enjoy.”

Dickie Bannenberg, of Bannenberg/Rowell Design of London is commenting on the creation of Lady Petra. His design company is a specialist in designing superyacht interiors, with an impressive record. He and Simon Rowell continue to build on the reputation that father Jo Bannenberg established world wide. The design of superyacht interiors is a métier for specialists. These designers are not only required to take strict nautical regulations into account, but the dimensions, curves and technology of the vessel as well. It is their job to create, within the given parameters, optimum luxury and comfort to meet the generally high expectations of the client. It’s a creative process in which clients and designers are sparring partners try aiming for the best results.

In the world of superyachts, creativity goes hand in hand with craftsmanship – something that for years seems to have been absent in most branches of interior design. For every vessel a specific interior is created within the relatively limited space of the hull and within the strict nautical regulations. It is safe to say that every superyacht is a work of art in itself. The Lady Petra is no exception: it was built at Heesen Yachts in the Dutch city of Oss.

“With Lady Petra delivered to the Heesen family after an evening of beers, lasers and music, we can stand back a little and take in the result. The yacht, for all her Dutch industrial design DNA, has a calm, de-saturated interior with extensive use of brushed spruce and white and grey marble. This is offset by lustrous Macassar Ebony doors and detailing, and combinations of polished and satin-finished stainless steel.” In a departure from the established layouts of the Heesen 47 series, the forward main deck is reserved for a huge family/media room where everybody on board can sit on two custom-designed angled sofas optimised for viewing the 100″ plasma screen. Or somebody can run on the treadmill. Or work at the desk.