The fifth edition of ARTZUID 2017 officially opened the most spectacular sculpture route in The Netherlands. The Berlage’s Art Deco district in ‘Amsterdam Zuid’ is covered with fifty monumental abstract sculptures by Dutch artists. Rudi Fuchs, art historian and curator of ARTZUID aimed to position Dutch abstract sculptors internationally. As a first video for the OBJEKT©International Inside Series we had a brief conversation with the former director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

“Without a doubt the great new revelation of modern art was abstraction – particularly of the rectangular variety. This breakthrough paved the way for a new clarity as well as agility of design. The making of art changed profoundly as a result. Rectangular and other similar shapes are able to move freely, and can therefore be connected in many different ways.

A rectangle does not have a top and a bottom and is therefore able to move in free and unpredictable ways

– just as a kite can make all kinds of swirls and swoops that would be impossible to imagine beforehand. It is precisely this freedom – freedom from formal rules and conventions – that came to typify the magical way in which modern art has evolved over the last century. Everything has been freed in an incredible way.

It was its relentlessness and sharpness of formulation that gave abstract art its groundbreaking energy. In the Netherlands it was of course the art of Mondriaan that set all this in motion.

The works at ARTZUID give a good impression of public sculptural art. Its design is above all comprehensible and thus democratic. However, if you take the time to look at it patiently it will reveal its secrets and inimitability – the exhibition gives an impression of this type of sculpture both as it started out back in the day and is still continuing now.

The outdoor exhibition ARTZUID opened May 19th and continues till September 17th, 2017.

Fifty monumental abstract sculptures by Dutch artists are positioned in The sculpture biennial follows the theme year ‘Mondriaan to Dutch Design – 100 Years of De Stijl’. Learn more on Fuchs his choices in artists, financial limitations, colours and arrangements in the video.