Flagship Store

Riva 1920 presented its new flagship store in collaboration with Pfannes & Virnich, a historic design shop in the heart of Cologne, Germany, the undisputed protagonist of Made in Italy furniture. The exhibition concept of the new showroom provides open loft spaces, in full respect of the philosophy of Riva 1920. A contemporary and sophisticated setting that surrounds the  solid wood furnishings. It shows the artisan character and attention to detail, together with the exclusive design and the use of authentic materials. A sense of home comes up in the different settings, in which some of the iconic pieces of Riva 1920 are presented. A harmonious mix of tradition and innovation, culture and creativity are able to create something special, unique and timeless. Environmental protection and love for nature are fundamental principles for Riva 1920.OBJ_Riva

Riva 1920 Materials

The quality of the used raw materials is the basis of the production process and starts with the choice of the most valuable timbers. Each element is subjected to detailed testing of the qualitative and functional compliance to which is added the use of vinyl glues and finishes with vegetable oil and wax, a guarantee of a genuine and completely natural product.


Millenial wood of New Zealand

Riva 1920 loves nature, that’s why it offers an authentic product, made of real natural wood, in full respect of the environment and of the people who live there. The presentation is divided on two levels, the ground floor shows four different settings. The first setting is characterized by very big Kauri table, made of millennial wood coming from the swamps of New Zealand. About 50,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, a series of unexplained cataclysms submerged whole forests of kauris in water and mud. The specific qualities of the mud and the absolute lack of oxygen exempted these plants, trapped in the swamps for 30-50 thousand years, from the chemical processes of decomposition and petrification, letting them linger intact to the present day in veritable ‘wood mines”. What is unique is the fact that, in spite of being buried in mud for thousands of years, the trunks are perfectly preserved and have the same quality as timber just felled. Briers have been found clambering up the trunks for up to 30 meters. The abundance of resin within the burls gives an impression of gold due to a change of the resin’s amber into what looks like gold powder.