“This home highlights the indoor/outdoor livability that the client required. It is totally old school. This is the way people lived in the past. At the same time, it is quite modern in detail. I like walking both lines architecturally.”

Key Element: Water

Architect Clemens Bruns Schaub on this house which he designed at Windsor, Florida. One of the key elements is water: The water of the large pool, and also in the home’s atrium entrance. Here rainwater can fall down freely onto a life size statue by Antony Gormley.

Full production is published in OBJEKT©International issue 78

Main Entrance

“When you enter the home’s front door, you are still on the outside, in a two story atrium with a vent hole (impluvium) at the top and a base that collects rainwater. The installation of the statue was integral to the design. The statue literally looks like it is standing on the water,” according to the architect.

The indoor/ outdoor sensation was enhanced by a flow of paving materials from patio areas to the interior, and by the use of the same woods and metals inside and out. A key feature is the ‘Bali Bed’ at the end of the pool. When practicing Hatha yoga in the middle of the platform, one gets a relaxing view of both the pool and the golf course beyond.

Read more in OBJEKT©International issue 78

photography: Alaïa + Hans Fonk