Pieter Stockmans is world famous for his porcelain creations. The studio is the only firm in Belgium that makes hard porcelain. Porcelain has to be made with great care if it is to be of the highest quality. The studio has developed a separate method for the manufacture of each product. The temperature of 1400°C ensures that the porcelain is completely sintered. The glaze on hard porcelain guarantees the highest quality tableware.

All our objects are manufactured in Pieter Stockmans’ studio. The authenticity of a porcelain object can be determined by its shape, decoration, technique, finish, material and our stamp. The clay that is used, is hard porcelain which makes it very strong. Each object is provided with the Pieter Stockmans logo, which guarantees that the object is handmade in small series at the his atelier in Belgium. The nature of the process means that variations in the objects are possible. This adds to the charm of the object and its unique character.

Stockmans Blue arose out of Piet Stockmans’ desire to make his quality product stand out amongst the whole range the market has to offer. Within the limits of the colours that remain stable at high temperatures, he formulated a most striking tint, one that also makes reference to the long history of porcelain.  He developed this exceptional blue to combine with the pure white of Piet Stockmans Porcelain. The marriage thus made became such a public favourite that it spontaneously came to be called Stockmans Blue.