Exploring the magical conversation between Mankind and Nature

The Viennese studio of mischer’traxler have conceived a series of delicate and interactive spatial installations, exploring craftmanship, modern technology, motivated by the ephemerality of nature, and the Art Nouveau movement. Perrier-Jouët’s latest commissioned design work, Ephemerā’ by mischer’traxler, was revealed at Design Miami/ 2014 actualizing ‘a conversation between mankind and nature’.

“The momentum created by humans attraction to the ungraspable and untouchable, and needing to go there even though we know it will disappear is what we want to explore”, designers Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler.

Based in Vienna, Katharina Mischer (1982) and Thomas Traxler (1981) form Studio mischer‘traxler. They develop and design products, furniture, installations and more, with a focus on experiments, context and conceptual thinking. Mischer’traxler have captured the very essence of Perrier-Jouët with its own unique interpretation. French boutique champagne producer perrier-jouët continues to bring its art nouveau heritage to life with their commission of ‘ephemerā’. The piece stands out at the fair owing to its unique combination of playfulness and sincerity. It is full of curiosity and enchants the viewer with a delicate game through a mechanical ornamental garden. With only two mirrors and a large oak table in the room, the elegant furniture pieces come alive with coloirful metal plants and insects. These objects represent current, extinct and rediscovered species. When someone approaches, they ‘hide’ and fold back into the table, reinventing a kinetic form of traditional marquetry. Similarly, digital leaves grow across the mirrors extending into 3D forms, but only as long as people are not too close. Otherwise they retract, leaving just a normal, reflective mirror.

‘Ephemerā’ is the opening work of a new, year-long artistic residency with the Vienna-based duo and the historic champagne house, entitled ‘Small Discoveries’. Small Discoveries, an innovative series of original works to be revealed throughout 2015 with exclusive limited editions.