After the presentation of the first collection, the collaboration of Luxury Living Group with Designer Paul Mathieu continues; extraordinary pieces of furniture are conceived, bringing together design, research and artisanal skill. With an orientation towards offering top-of-the-line interior decoration options, the Contour collection is enriched with new elements conceived for the living area and the nighttime setting.

True to the spirit of the collection and its progressivist style, Paul Mathieu brings out a modernism that combines tradition and contemporaneity. Eclecticism and rationality translate into an offering with sensual, sculptural forms that defy gravity in an uninterrupted exploration of curvy, harmonious lines. The structural relationship between design and materials thus expresses an innovative and balanced look.

A play of forms simplified into concepts with a contemporary meaning, placed in a rich, yet essential setting. Linear geometries, aerodynamic and enveloping forms are completed by shades of cognac, tobacco and white, but also by bright garnet red varnishes, black and bronze finishes.