Built on the idea that a physical place can deepen the connection between friends, families and the natural world. 

Owl Creek

At Owl Creek a single shared, stand-alone home was built for two families. Additionally, a collection of lodge-like communal areas are clustered together, creating a space that is both intimate and open.

The architects: “The strict height limitation and slope constrained by the site turned into our advantage by anchoring the structure into the landforms. The structure frames powerful views through two principal façades, maximizing the visual connection to the landscape at every angle. The design of the frame and form allowed for efficiencies and functional benefits, including a triangular structural steel frame with car decking to minimize costs through prefabrication, and a roof slope to move water and snow downslope.”

Natural light was an important starting point of the design process. Every effort was made to minimise visual separation from the outdoors. The all-weather mountain retreat was designed for recharging social relationships and renewing connections to the rugged Rocky Mountain landscape.

Skylab Architects

It was the creation of Skylab from Portland. Established by Brent Grubb and Jeff Kovel almost two decades ago the studio evolved into a band of makers: curious, industrious and experimental.

As architects, designers, creators and entrepreneurs, they work together across a wide range of landscapes and locations. Their designers are futurists, making today what they believe will inspire and connect people tomorrow.