One Hyde Park

The brief was to create the finest apartments with the finest service at one of the most exclusive addresses in the world. Space was at a premium, meaning any design had to make the very most of the square footage available. The architecture, too, was unyielding, so anticipating the needs of future clients, whether for single or family living, was vital. With this, the different views and levels and the impact of other spaces within the building all had to be taken into consideration and seamlessly resolved by Carlisle Design Studio.

Of the parameters Carlisle Design Studio set themselves, this was a build of the very highest order, with no compromise made either in time, materials or expertise.


Throughout the series of four pavilions that make up One Hyde Park, the level of detail is extraordinary in both apartments and communal areas. More than 15 different types of stone were sources from around the world, and bespoke designs were created in almost every instance.

To ensure that nothing was taken for granted, a full prototype apartment was constructed in a London warehouse, where all aspects of the design from door hinges to the installation of marble fitments were tested meticulously prior to sign-off. The communal areas, including the double-height reception, entertaining suite and spa area, were, when completed, home to a series of special one-off commissions, ranging from chandeliers to suits of armour.

Spatial awareness was perhaps the key to the project. Each apartment was constructed to a base-build template of the very finest materials, all the while allowing our clients the freedom to give their apartment an individual touch.