An OBJEKT© event in cooperation with National Arts Club.

27 April 2017, OBJEKT USA-CANADA; Master photographer Mr. Hans Fonk and his talented daughters Alaïa and Izabel Fonk  alongside with honorary editor- in- chief Sasha Josipovicz  and Studio Pyramid Inc. M.Arch. Milosh Pavlovicz hosted  an elegant banquet in the premises of fabled National Arts Club at Gramercy park, New York City.

Check out the preview of our National Arts Club editorial published in OBJEKT©International Issue 76.

Sasha Josipovicz, Milos Pavlovic, Alaïa Fonk, Hans Fonk, Izabel Fonk.
©Patrick McMullan / Photo – Aurora Rose/ PMC


Just in time for unveiling their recently renovated brownstone façade, National Arts Club granted OBJEKT©USA- CANADA unprecedented access to its premises and creative opportunity for Mr. Fonk and his camera to a bring fresh perspective to its grand interiors featuring Donald Mac Donald stained glass dome.

Hans Fonk, Jean Pierre Pugliesi, Mariya Naumov Pugliesi, Sasha Josipovicz.


Melissa Klein, Isabel Vincent, Lonti Ebers.

OBJEKT©‘s spring issue featured NAC interiors, work by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, OBJEKT©’s ambassador Martyn Bullard’s latest creation in Malibu, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Veil‘s yacht and forever bad boy of fashion J.P.Gaultier to name few. 

OBJEKT©‘s guests included and lead by honourable Dutch consul Mr. Kloos were Etro’s  Marlene Baragano; Dutch born architect Winka Dubbeldaum with partner Justin Korhammer, Tony Chi and his beautiful wife Tammy Tzelan Chou; incomparable George M. Beylerian and his Egyptian born statuesque wife Louise; with her patrician good looks. Philanthropist and art collector Mme Leontine Ebers. New York Post‘s investigative reporters Isabel Vincent and  Melissa Klein; representatives of Elitis, Cowtan and Tout. NAC’s President Mme Linda Zagaria, Governor Mr. Raymond  Dowd, dashing Nicho Lowry – President Swann Auction Galleries. And numerous members of the press, design community and NY and Toronto socialite scene.

Tom Chou, Louise Beylerian, George Beylerian.

Raymond Dowd, Tom Chou, Hans Fonk.

Nicholas D. Lowry, Sasha Josipovicz, Raymond Dowd.

Denise Wilson, Susan Grant Lewin.

Eugene Weise.

PHOTOGRAPHY ©Patrick McMullan / Photo – Aurora Rose/ PMC