March 2017 – OBJEKT©International brings out issue 76.


Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom, according to Francis Bacon. Silence is an essential life ingredient in a world dominated by unceasing noise. It is, for sure, a much-needed new trend in the world of interior design and architecture.

In his Histoire du Silence, Alain Corbin wrote: “Silence is not merely the absence of noise. It is all but a forgotten notion nowadays. Our auditory markers have been distorted, diminished, they are no longer sacred. The intimacy of a place, a bedroom and the objects that inhabit it, or a home, used to be defined by the silence that prevailed there.”

According to the architect Renzo Piano, silence is, together with contemplation and abstraction, the pillar underpinning enjoyment of the arts.

Art is a key element in an interior. Not art that matches the colors of the curtains, but art as an enrichment of living, and with that, of home. Creating a well-balanced interior environment requires, apart from creativity and talent, a large degree of experience.

That is why this special edition of OBJEKT International features some of the world’s best designers with plenty of experience and taste. They know how to play with colors, textures and volumes, to create wonderful and surprising interiors.

People like Antonio Citterio or Martin Lawrence Bullard can deploy their creativity and their experiences to come to timeless creations: either very modern, or more or less classic. And if you combine two great minds like Massimo Iosa Ghini and Vladislav Doronin, the sum is even greater than the parts – like the penthouse they created in Moscow.

And should that not be enough: you can take your home to the sea, like the big builders of super-yachts lead us to believe.

Hans Fonk.