North Drive new Toronto flagship headquarters by Reflect.

North Drive by Reflect

A flexible integration of office, sales center and event space, North Drive’s new headquarters, by Reflect Architecture, puts a retail spin on the modern workplace. Located at street level in the company’s first development, The High Park, the project reflects North Drive’s commitment to community and establishing roots where they build. A showcase of North Drive’s brand ethos: community, nature, and honest materials, the transformational design takes inspirational cues from both the local aesthetic and neighboring High Park – a major landmark in the City of Toronto.

Nordic & Greenery

The interiors take inspiration from Nordic influences. A fresh take on the workplace, Reflect Architecture collaborated with North Drive to create a new convergence of spaces, bringing venues that would traditionally exist in separate locations under one roof in order to integrate business operations.

Taking cues from the Norwegian landscape, muted, clean materials and dramatic lighting frame the space. Responding to functional needs of a workspace to be both open and quiet, individual workstations are set against deep blue felt panels. Doubling as an event space and sales center, flexible gathering spaces created to invite the public in are acoustically and visually separated from private work zones.

Dramatic greenery hanging from above transforms the space as elements from the surrounding park are referenced – from a modern interpretation of a trellis to a picnic bench. Office functions are framed inside a spacious a glass box where the partners connect and host team collaborations. Oriented to let natural light in, workstations provide physical and acoustic privacy within the multi-functional space.