Carpenters Workshop Gallery with artist Nacho Carbonell at The Armory Show,

Carpenters Workshop Gallery has begun the 2018 New York arts season with two breakout solo exhibitions during Armory Arts Weeks, March 8 to 11, 2018. As a pioneer of functional sculpture and collectible design, the gallery made its debut as a first-time exhibitor at The Armory Show and presented a special exhibition at Collective Design.

Recreating Studios

In the gallery’s inaugural exhibition at The Armory Show, March 2018, Carpenters Workshop presented the Netherlands-based Spanish artist Nacho Carbonell. The gallery recreated the artist’s Eindhoven studio including his personal workshop table.

‘Cabinet of curiosity’

A cite of utility and experimentation, the workshop table served as a ‘cabinet of curiosity’ where the past, present and future of Carbonell’s studio intersected.

An intimate collage of creative amulets – personal tools, maquettes, found objects, unfinished ideas, materials – were arranged on the table, an altar of inspiration that synthesized the trajectory of Carbonell’s practice.

Situated around the workshop table were Carbonell’s organic, large-scale, cocoon-like sculptures brought to life as fantastical creations in a contemporary-twist on Pygmalion.

Light Mesh series

From smashed concrete bases that evoke ruin, surreal tree-like forms in man-made materials of steel and metal mesh grow. These works, part of Carbonell’s acclaimed Light Mesh series, offer a parallel reality where objects and things are built or grown from inhospitable soil and environments. Together these works construct a strange and uncanny forest where one becomes lost in textural details and biomorphic shapes, a corporeal fruition of what can grow in the aftermath of destruction.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery transcends classical borders in terms of art and design. Its proposal stands just at the intersection of these two universes: reaching precisely a symbiosis of art and design.

The Gallery produces and exhibits functional sculptures by international rising and already established artists and designers going outside their traditional territories of expression. The gallery is actively involved in the research and production of the limited edition works exhibited. The choices are guided by the research of an emotional, artistic and historical relevance; a relevance that appears as an evidence.