Moroso announces the names of 36 entrants and the patroness of the 2015 Moroso Concept for Contemporary Art. From an idea by Andrea Bruciati and supported by Patrizia Moroso, the Moroso Award was born in 2012. As from 2015 the award becomes the Moroso Concept. This initiative confirms its purpose of documenting, giving prominence to and supporting artists working in Italy in a broad diversity of expressive forms.

Thanks to continuous research and experiments in creating new products, developing custom-made projects, and Patrizia Moroso’s deep interest in artistic disciplines. Moroso’s passion for contemporary art has gradually become an authentic distinctive trait of the company. The brand has worked for years with the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions.

The long list of artists competing for the 2015 Moroso Concept was compiled by 12 of the most internationally renowned Italian art galleries. A first selection will emerge from a discussion amongst the jury, which exists of independent curator Andrea Bruciati, Moroso’s art director Patrizia Moroso, and Marina Abramovic. Ambramovic also happens to be the patroness of this year’s event. The list of 12 candidates will be asked to make a theme work conceived specifically for Moroso’s venues. All 12 projects will be presented at the major exhibition held from March 28 till May 24, 2015 in the beautiful setting of Villa Manin in Passariano (Udine).