With the sole aim of upgrading the lifestyle of Raigarh, a small town in India famous for its steel & coal reserves, Shilpi Sonar, Founder & Creative Director of Creations, has dug out pure gold from the black mines!

Armed with her signature expertise & prowess, Shilpi approached the project like a blank canvas and worked to craft the perfect residence.

Built over a sprawling 10000 square feet, this bungalow is the most flamboyant residence in the city of Raigarh. The clients dreamed of an abode that lifted their lifestyle and also enunciated their growth. They particularly wanted an ornamental décor, which a place like Raigarh had not yet witnessed.

Two years of consistent work and diligence is what it took to transform the client’s dream into a regal Moroccan fantasy. The design cues were inspired by the riads of Marakkech and elements of Casablanca. The dexterity of Mrs. Sonar’s creative process was to imbibe Moroccan motifs to a superlative traditional Indian pattern.

Throwing light on her belief in the project, Shilpi says “Often luxury interiors have been limited to tier 1 and tier 2 cities, but the concept of luxury often changes when we move to a tier 3 city like Raigarh. I choose to believe that everybody has the right to enjoy a grand home if they choose to have one, and I am working very hard to make sure every dream expressed to me is realized to its full potential.”

Combining the elements of luxury and uncomplicated yet intricate designs, Mrs. Shilpi weaved her magic in this project.


“The thing about designing a residence of this magnitude and luxury is that every bit has to be thought in multiple layers. For example, we have not only customized the woodworks, glassworks, stone works, mirror works which are common for most designers but we have to dive in deeper where we were designing custom towels, bedroom linens, curtains and to top it all we were associated with selection of crockery to go along the royal dining space,” according to Shilpi Sonar.

Every nook and corner has been paid heed to. Right from the floor to the ceilings, the linens, everything is hand woven and hand-picked. While delivering this bungalow, Mrs.Sonar has displayed immaculate designing skills at every step of the way & successfully crafted the palace of her client’s dreams.