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The Odors of God

Molton Brown, the London scent expert, has through the years created collections of signature scents for women and men, that have claimed iconic status with their striking colors and vibrant scents. They only have created scents that reflect their unconditional belief in creative originality.

Consisting of bath and shower gels, eau de toilettes, home and hand care blends, the collections are compiled since 1973 from ingredients from all over the world by award-winning perfumers. Every Molton Brown creation is a special experience. Besides the exquisite scents, special attention is paid to the packaging so the products look nice in every bathroom.

 Di Marino for Molton Brown

For the latest Suede Orris collection, Molton Brown worked closely with the rising star in the perfumery world, Jérôme Di Marino. It combines the scent expertise of Molton Brown with the personal note of Jérôme Di Marino, creating a unique scent that envelops the senses with boundless sensuality.

Jérôme created Suede Orris with his great talent for translating traditional scents into the present. He is bold and creative, has created a fascinating masterpiece and succeeded in modernizing a scent tradition creating a contemporary sensory experience.

“This scent comes from my private collection, my treasure chest – the key to my boundless creativity. Molton Brown has taken my creative freedom to heart. The result is a modern interpretation of Florence’s noble and precious tradition of perfuming gloves with powdery notes of iris. Lush, pure iris is caressed by soft suede for a subtle, confident scent. ”- Jérôme Di Marino .

Molton Brown Suede Orris

This flattering scent elegantly combines history and modernity. Suede Orris exposes itself with fresh mandarin for a subtle citrus lift at the top; then she opens her heart in which the powdery Tuscan iris is sensually embraced by floral notes of rose and jasmine. The basis is laid by creamy cedar wood and the woody sparrows of patchouli. Clean the body with the bath and shower gel and then massage in the creamy body lotion for a beautiful looking, feathery skin. Spray the Suede Orris eau de toilette subtly for a long-lasting fragrance sensation. Complete the ritual by pampering the hair with clouds of dreamy hair mist and spreading an elegant, confident scent wherever you go