Minotti Studio at Co van der Horst

On 13th June, Minotti opened its new Minotti Studio at Co van der Horst store in Amstelveen, thanks to its long-term partnership with theVan der Horst family. Both families share the same values, passion and dedication towards contemporary furniture and find each other in authenticity and originality.

Located in the vibrant Dutch city, the new Minotti exhibit space develops on one level on a surface of about 200 sqm. A presentation that expresses not only a synergic dialogue between the Minotti style and the decorative code that distinguishes the Dutchpartner, but also conveys the international spirit of a luxury penthouse.

Residential and Hospitality

The spacious display designed by Minotti Studio, the creative department at Minotti HQ, with Co van der Horst, showcases a design concept that perfect translates Minotti’s uncompromising vision both in the residential and in the Hospitality sectors.

Thanks to its welcoming architecture and the thoughtful attention to details, evident in every aspect of the interior decoration, the Minotti Studio offers visitors an engaging experience of the brand through a dynamic interplay of shapes, colours and sophisticated materials.

Once inside, guests are welcomed in a refined hospitality environment, characterized by an essential style with white plaster ceilings and a warm herringbone parquet, where a combination of living solutions exude an elegant and cosmopolitan spirit. Among them, an original and articulated configuration of the Granville seating system stands out and matches with a selection of complementary seats and accessories.

Materials, shades and finishing

Huge black architectural frames delimit the spaces and invite guests to explore the adjacent areas, distinguished by a more residential and warmer atmosphere, more reminiscent of a real home than a showroom. Different materials, shades and finishings, as well as the presence of two fireplaces outlined by a peculiar graphic “tatami” style, create the perfect backdrop to host the most distinguishing pieces of the Minotti collections.

A dynamic exhibit space that, as Stephan van der Horst affirms

“is a brilliant combination of extremely tasteful living areas enriched by top-quality products, that perfectly translate the emotions and the styling that the studio wants to offer.

Beyond conveying effectively the language of the Minotti brand, our Minotti studio will be able to satisfy every guest’s needs, providing a complete turnkey styling.”

An accurate design project that, as said by the Head of the Interior Decoration Dept. Susanna Minotti herself, “expresses the Minotti lifestyle all-around and enhances the creative, stylish and elegant principles that have granted the recognition of the brand internationally. A space that aims at distinguishing itself as a source of design inspiration for all the design lovers in the area looking for creative, top-quality and elegant living solutions.”