Minotti Flagship Store

In its worldwide expansion Minotti has openend a flagship store in Shenzhen, China, thanks to the strategic partnership with Domus Tiandi, China’s leading high-end furniture retailer andsuccessful Minotti case history in Shanghai and Beijing. The new flagship store of nearly 1000 sqm, is located in one of the most vibrant commercial real estate complex in Shenzhen, a young thriving city which is embracing international contemporary design and lifestyle.

The project is a joint effort of Minotti Studio, the creative department at Minotti HQ, and Domus Tiandi. The latter also gives a creative touch in art and accessories, in order to make the presentation more relevant among the Chinese culture and lifestyle.


Characterised by a monumental facade, with a sophisticated urban cut, designed for the particular context in which it is inserted, this new space expresses grandeur and contemporaneity.

Inside, the interior design concept aimes at emphasizing the extraordinary height of the space. The store is spread over two floors, both characterised by the architectural element of the fireplace, a recurring distinctive symbol in the Minotti code.

Ground Floor

On the ground floor expresses solemnity and spectacularity, The imposing 5,5 mt high fireplace takes up the particular octagonal shape of the first Minotti fireplace which is located in the family home in Meda, chosen to represent the company’s 70th Anniversary last year. Adjacent to it, a sculptural reception desk in satin bronze finish welcomes the visitors. A peculiar architectural element acting as a background is a big size height light-wall with modular “tatami” design effect.

First Floor

The first floor is designed as a domestic environment that introduces an elegant Minotti-style lobby. The visitor is then accompanied to an apartment in which living areas, a dining room, a studio and a master bedroom follow one after the other, and the mocha tones of the boiserie, the sloping ceiling and the soft light give the room at the same time an intimate and glamorous look.

Minotti and Domus Tiandi created in their new store a complete lifestyle picture, authentically Made in Italy.