September 06–10, 2019 & January 17–21, 2020


MAISON&OBJET is the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and trends through its shows, events and its digital platform.

This MAISON&OBJET fair, from 6 to 10 September, will explore a theme that’s making the news: the workspace. Our evolving relationship with work, driven by social change, is reinventing the office. Manufacturers, distributors, space planners and fitters are turning to home design to add personality, friendliness, comfort and creativity to workspaces.

MAISON&OBJET aims to help players in the office design sector take a fresh approach to the workspace based on a selection of furniture and decorative objects, and the forward-looking expertise of our partners. The next fair will welcome them to Paris, at the heart of Europe’s leading economic region with 52 million sq.m of office space and the champion of the reinvented workspace with nearly 7,000 start-ups, 135 incubators and 210 coworking spaces. MAISON&OBJET will be a laboratory for expressing a new art of work.

Designer of The Year

At 37, architect Laura Gonzalez is already well-known for working her magic across Paris, and for the past two years has been spreading her wings overseas, stamping her “reworked classical” style on a whole host of restaurants, bars, hotels and stores. MASON&OBJET is delighted to be giving this exceptionally talented and prolific designer a helping hand along the road to success by naming her Designer of the Year.

Hoteliers and Restaurateurs

MAISON&OBJET PARIS has been around since 1995 as the international tradefair for the lifestyle, decoration and design sector, and today more than ever it has become the not-to-be-missed event for industry professionals seeking clever design solutions to help attract and retain  customers.

Nowadays, anyone who steps through the door of a café, hotel or restaurant is looking for so much more than tasty food or a comfortable place to stay. Today’s customers are demanding, ultra-connected and increasingly aware of how their surroundings look, even if they’re just there to grab a quick coffee! They’re keen to explore new vibes and discover “Instagrammable” venues offering one-of-a-kind experiences that don’t just satisfy their tastebuds but stimulate every single sense.

2019 Rising Talent Awards: USA

A lighting designer who fills rooms with blossoms and bubbles, a product designer energized by his industrial Midwestern roots, and a pair of artistic cousins who make sculptural metal furnishings. These are a few of the innovative Americans selected in the 2019 Rising Talent Awards. Organized by MAISON&OBJET, the Rising Talent Awards shine a spotlight on emerging design excellence in specific parts of the world. Previous editions honored creativity in the United Kingdom, Italy, Lebanon and China. And now a distinguished jury has surveyed American design and selected six individual practitioners or firms with exceptional skills and promise.

“After concentrating on Europe, the Middle East and Asia these last few years, we wanted to turn to another great nation of design,”

says Philippe Brocart, Managing Director of SAFI, the company that organizes MAISON&OBJET. “The size and cultural diversity of the United States give rise to impressive design achievements, and we are excited to welcome the next generation of designers and their influences to Paris next week!