The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam presents an exhibition of Asian treasure in Dutch interiors.

With 170 objects from China, Japan, India and Batavia, the Rijksmuseum organized an exhibition from 17 October onwards. to tell the story of the excitement created by the Asian treasures that were shipped to Holland in the Golden Age. Lacquer work, ivory, silver, silk, ebony, jewelry and enormous quantities of porcelain poured into Amsterdam, the then bustling ‘capital of the world’, to enrich the interiors of the increasingly prosperous Dutch bourgeoisie.

The exhibition ‘Asia – Amsterdam; Luxury in the Golden Age’ also presents many 17th century paintings: still-lifes and portraits of citizens who had themselves painted among their newly acquired items of Asian luxury. The exhibition is being organized in cooperation with the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, USA. The loan items originate in such far-flung places as Moscow, St Petersburg, Versailles, London, Oxford, Madrid and Stockholm.