The New Classic

The Swiss manufacturer Laufen Bathrooms AG and Marcel Wanders embarked on an adventure to create a poetic experience of design and innovation in the bathroom. The new interpretation of SaphirKeramik relied on a sinuous, contemporary classic concept.

Laufen is specialised in the production of ceramics for the bathroom and continues in its professional journey with a focus on three key words: technology, design, and innovation.

Laufen’s Excellence

In 2013 Laufen’s history changed course. Six years ago SaphirKeramik was introduced and launched, a high-tech and high-performance ceramic material. Since then various well-known designers have contemplated, designed, and played with the material’s formula. The last, in chronological order, to accept the challenge and take advantage of this opportunity was Marcel Wanders, designing ‘The New Classic’ collection introduced last year on occasion of the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

The flair and creativity of a great international designer joined forces with Laufen’s excellence to generate ideas for classic and contemporary, elegant and captivating bathrooms, with items ranging from washbasins to bathtubs to toilets, combined with faucets, cabinets, accessories and mirrors.

Touch of Humanity

The project by Marcel Wanders for Laufen reinvented the classic dimension and is a versatile, variegated concept of classic style, in which bohemian taste blends with cosmopolitan and metropolitan image, suggesting an eclectic lifestyle.

With Marcel Wanders, SaphirKeramik had a chance to adapt to new very classical and iconic forms, for the very first time. A light and versatile, sturdy and malleable material, shaped over the years by various world-famous designers, leading to slim, light creations of impeccable design, perfect for everyday use.

Marcel Wanders formulated an extraordinary interpretation of the company’s philosophy and the use of SaphirKeramik, presenting a product concept that brings a “touch of humanity” to the design, taking us back to bygone eras, to poetry and romanticism, without overlooking contemporary needs and tastes.