La Suite Hotel

Pure and elegant in form, with its essential fluid spaces and expression of functional architecture, La Suite Hotel in the Italian city of Matera, presents itself as a triumphant building, whose design is intuitively inspired by the twentieth-century current of Italian rationalism, characterized by a lack of decorations to promote an authenticitythat concretely integrates into the historical city.The versatile and transversalcomplex, capable of adapting to the peculiarities that the 2019 European Capital of Culture has to offer.

La Suite, a five-star hotel designed by Studio Marco Piva, is located along the famous Via Lucana and at a few meters from the Sassi, the area already known in the early Seventies as the vegetable garden of a noble building called “Giardino Porcari”.

Design by Piva

The Hotel is designed to offer an exclusive stay thanks to its formal fineness, the use of local materials and the renovation of an imposing arched portal of the 17th century, which characterizes the entrance to the building with its strong presence.

The symbolism of the arch, an archetypal element that reminds of the Tuff caves of the Civita, is just one of the many iconic elements that characterise this structure and create a line of continuity with the past.

The design specifically regards the entire complex, conceived and built as a new urban meeting point, generating wide spaces intended for the social life of the city without contaminating its historicity.

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna