By Accel Concept and the Jumbo group.

‘La Maison Boutique’

In the most glamorous district of the Principality of Monaco, Accel Concept inaugurates a new space that combines the charm of a luxury Maison and encompasses the experience that embraces a new dimension of luxury.

Located in the heart of the Carre d’Or district, a few steps away from the iconic Piazza del Casino, ‘La Maison Boutique’ is an innovative proposal in the world of interior design, resulting from the partnership between Accel Concept, part of the Acceleration Group, a major player in the real estate market in Montecarlo and throughout the French Riviera, and Jumbo Group, one of the most important representatives of Made in Italy in the luxury furniture field, with its brands Jumbo Collection, Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Gianfranco Ferré Home, Etro Home Interiors and JCP.

Italian charm with French allure

A prestigious ‘maison’ and at the same time an elegant ‘boutique’ displaying exclusive and refined pieces of furniture, ‘La Maison Boutique’ is a unique and evocative place able to combine Italian charm with French allure. A fascinating space expressing the characteristics of excellence and exclusivity that underlies the philosophy of Jumbo Group and Accel Concept.

In the spaces enhanced by the quality of the branded furniture and by the custom-made interior design, the cutting-edge home automation elements satisfy the need for comfort and functionality while the strong artistic component enhances the aesthetic value thanks to the selection of the works of art.

Refined partnership

It is a project that perfectly describes the partnership between the Acceleration Group and Jumbo Group: a collaboration that expresses a broad and inclusive concept, able to combine interior design, furniture and real estate to meet the refined needs of top international clients.

Mauro Sipsz, Acceleration group’s CEO:

“The idea was to develop a space where we could present the skills of our team led by the architect Emanuela Rainaudo for what is concerning not only the concept, design, construction, but also the furniture and accessories.

The partnership with Jumbo Group and its brands Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Gianfranco Ferré Home, Etro Home Interiors, Jumbo Collection, JCP, has therefore represented the natural completion of the work, bringing the right mix between Italian taste and craftsmanship and international glamor, embodied in the fashion brands. Given the unique location, we adopted an unconventional approach with ‘La Maison Boutique’. In fact, this wants to be a casket that opens up to meet the specific needs of the most  expensive real estate market in the world: Monaco.”